The Hugh James Emergency Fund

When someone has suffered a catastrophic injury the impact has wide-reaching repercussions.  It turns a family’s life upside down, not just emotionally but financially as well.  Travel, accommodation, and childcare are just a few of the considerations that must be addressed. We understand the extra financial strain that this may put on individuals and families. That’s why we have started the Emergency Fund, putting our commitment to work where it’s needed.

Sometimes life doesn’t always go as expected, and we have to deal with difficult situations that are thrown at us.  When catastrophic injuries happen it affects more than just the individual.  And often people don’t know where to turn.  Hugh James understands that with a number of different and difficult situations arising, this can be a distressing time.

We know you will want to spend time with your loved one while they are recovering from their accident, and paying for transport, accommodation or even childcare shouldn’t be a factor in that.

We have launched the Emergency Fund to help when people need it most. We can help with some of the outgoings that you are faced with; whether that be train or taxi fares, or even a hotel room.  We also understand that you may have a family and you will need to juggle childcare with your visiting schedule, and sometimes this too can cost money.

"Thank you for providing funding for my travel expenses whilst my husband was in critical care"

- Anonymous

"Without your support I would be unable to visit my wife in hopsital. I can't thank enough"

- Anonymous

"Your fund allowed us to quickly install wheelchair ramps to the house for my husband. Thank you"

- Anonymous

How to apply

We welcome your application, the form is quite detailed but not difficult, and this will help us to understand your situation and what help we can provide.  The fund is limited, but can provide for a number of different situations to meet the needs of individuals and their families when they need it most.

There are three easy ways to apply:

1. Online

Fill in the online form which will automatically be sent to the relevant team. This is the fastest way to access the Emergency Fund.

Apply Online

2. Email

Download the application form, scan it in once completed and email it to us at

3. Post

Download the application form, fill it in and post it to us at:

Hugh James
Two Central Square
CF10 1FS

Apply Online